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Artist Statement

Notable Collections

My paintings represent places that are peaceful and serene, indulging in lengthy contemplation and observation of the natural world, expressing appreciation for the beauty and wonder of the ordinary landscape.

In 1986, when I returned to Georgia after living in Italy for over 10 years, I painted landscapes that were more related to color field painting or were even abstracted into geometric, optical patterns. (Bridget Riley meets Rothko) Over the years I have gone through various influences and stages of development, even admitting an attempt at abstract expressionist action painting - the result of which was realistic landscapes. Having discovered that I will end up with a landscape regarless of what I set out to paint, I have learned to go ahead and plan for it and make it as meaningful as possible.

The function of my work is to provide a momentary respite from the striving and struggling in the world.They express gratitude for the beauty of the world and a prayer for peace. I especially dedicate my work to those who must commute in urban traffic and work in office buildings.

Technical info:

I mainly paint in oils, although I was painting mostly acrylics for a few years due to problems with fumes. I sometimes add a layer of sand to the undercoat just to give a bit of texture. It articulates the surface much like pointalism when you apply base colors and scumble contrasting colors onto the tops of the grains of sand.

I have a lifelong argument with myself about being painterly or smooth in my application. Smooth usually wins.

Mini bio:

1974 - BA - Art History/ Drawing and Painting UGA
1974-85 English Teacher, Milan, Italy
1989 - MFA - Drawing and Painting UGA
Balance - artist , teacher, graphic and web designer, and gallery owner

Athens First Bank, Athens, GA,
Golden Afternoon, 36x48 oil on canvas

The Georgia Center for Continuing Education, UGA campus, Athens GA,
Spring Again, 4' x 24' in 6 panels framed as 3, and
Autumn Shadows, 36"x60"

Atlanta-Fulton County Libraries,
Annie Mcpheeters branch,
Martin Luther King Blvd. Atlanta -
Spring, South Rim,

Athens/Clarke County Gvt.,
Dougherty St. Bldg. Foyer,
Winter, North End, 36"x60"

Chicago Tribune Corp./Chicago Cubs -
Four Seasons in GA, 4 panels 48"x44"

Kaiser Permanente, Atlanta - 3 paintings
View West, oil on canvas 60x36"(foyer ground floor),
Oak, acrylic 30x36", Shady Trees, 30x36" (secretarial pool)

Southern Bell, Atlanta - 1 painting 1987
moved to Washington DC, 2002

Southeastern Data - 1 painting

Delta Airlines - 7 large paintings for Tampa Airport Crown Lounge, 1987

plus many private collections.

Short Exhibition Record:

Regular theme shows at Lakemont Gallery changing out every 45 days

30th Annual Juried Exhibition (Juror Benny Andrews, former Director NEA), Lyndon House, Athens, GA - Feb. 13-April 23, 2005

Studio, Athens, GA - October 3, 2004

Full House (group), Lyndon House Arts Center - July 2004

Sundays at Tugalo (individual) at the Georgia Center - UGA campus Athens - February 2002

Regular participation and Donation to Annual ArtCare Auction Benefit in Atlanta 1992-97

Four Seasons in Georgia (individual) display in GA Centr. during 1996 Olympics

Reflections in Nature (group)March 1996, Trinity Arts Group, Atlanta, Georgia
Art with a Southern Drawl (group), University of Mobile, Mobile AL, April, 1994

Perfection, Miriam Perlman Gallery, Chicago Ill., June 1992

Gallery Representation (1989-1996)
Trinity Arts Group, Atlanta
Regency Fine Art, Decatur
Novus Gallery, Atlanta
Miriam Perlman, Chicago, Illinois