Virginia McClure | Landscape Paintings in Oil on canvas unless otherwise stated, Available Paintings

Red Canoe

Red Canoe on Tugalo Lake | 36x48" with wooden float frame SOLD

Green Canoe on Lake Rabun
20x24 oil on canvas
(at Swan Coach House)

Rabun Canoes
18x36 oil on canvas
sold separately or as pendants at discount
(Red Canoe at Swan Coach House)

Rabun beach

Dock at Rabun Beach
24x36 oil on canvas with wooden float frame

Sunset on Lake Rabun
11x14 oil on canvas
Sunset on Lake Rabun

Tallulah Lake in Spring
30x40 oil on canvas
(at Swan Coach House)

Pylons on Tallulah Lake
20x16 with metallic painted wooden frame

Bridge to Island in Tallulah Lake
36x48 oil on canvas

Tallulah Lake Island in Spring
30x48 oil on canvas
(at Swan Coach House)
Blooming Tree
20x16 oil on canvas
(at Swan Coach House)
View of Lake Rabun in Summer

Cloud Shadows in Wolffork Valley
18x36 oil on canvas

Mown filds in Wolffork Valley
12x24 oil on canvas

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