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Dennis Banks Natural Wood Inlay Furniture

Dennis Banks of Clarkesville (originally from Fairview) worked as a carpenter for 30 years and became interested in rustic furniture while working on a rustic lodge about 5 years ago. He has been building furniture for 4 years and has gone full time in the past year. Photo of Dennis

His beautiful inlay designs combine mesmerizing patterns with inset images of animals and integrate the natural whorls, knots and burls of the natural wood. Tones and color contrasts are achieved through the use of a wide variety of woods, mostly local, with occasional exotic varieties.
He gathers fallen logs, new wood to cure himself, and also recycles wood from abandoned buildings.

The warm, rich colors of the wood, the swirls and rings, and exactingly cut inlays are a feast for the eyes: the intricate images and patterns are cut with precision and finished to a smooth surface with a satin sealant. You may not want to put anything on the table!

This type of furniture differs from marquetry and parquetry because instead of using thin veneer, he uses blocks of wood about from 1/4 in. thick.

Mountain Landscape with Deer

Coffee Table: cedar, pine, cherry, maple, walnut top depicting a deer with large rack
in a mountain landscape - knotty pine legs
view detail of top
48"L x 24.5"W x 19.25"H

Heart Shaped Coffee Table


Dragonfly on cat-tails and a pretty moth design grace this heart shaped coffee table.
The design is made using cedar, mulberry, plum, walnut, maple, persimmon,
oak, chestnut, cherry and magnolia wood with cherry trim.
View Detail of Top
41" x 33.5" x 19"H

Galloping Horses Coffee Table

The top is made of cedar with walnut, maple and cherry inlays
while the legs are knotty with hollows and vine strangled braces
View detail of top
40"W x 21" D x 18.5"H
$695 SOLD

Eight-sided Console Table/Desk

This table has it all, the regular straight edge oak border frames an amazing inlay of a hawk
in pecan, walnut and and more. The laurel legs are organically entwined
to balance perfectly and allow for "leg room" if you need to use
the piece for a desk     
see detail of top
37.25"L x 26"W x 30.5"H

Octagonal Kaleidoscope Table

Easy to use along with manufactured furniture, this table sports laurel legs supporting an
octagonal top with a weathered wood border and multiple wood inlays forming a Kaleidoscope like design.
Plum center surrounded by walnut, mulberry and cedar and trimmed with chestnut and cherry.
24" x 29.5"H  

Eight-sided Console Table


made from a combination of Magnolia, Walnut, Plum and Cherry
With Laurel legs and supporting framework.
51"L x 27"W x 30"H

Octagon With Moth Design


Chestnut, Mulberry and Cedar
30"H x 23"W

 Eight-sided Console Table

Beautiful design using maple, cedar, mulberry, walnut and plum, and
 chestnut center with plum and magnolia.  Trimmed with cherry.
41"L x 22"W x 30"H

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